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Solving teacher recruitment requires a broad, flexible and planned approach.

Many schools only think about recruitment when vacancies occur, but this approach can often cost more money, time and effort. As schools face rising costs and shrinking budgets, planning well into the future may be the solution to managing some of these challenges. 

Instigating a system of “planned recruitment”, by forecasting likely staff turnover, along with possible changes to the curriculum, can help schools better understand the likelihood of needing to recruit for certain roles. Proactive recruiting is the key.

Is the government listening over funding cuts or are schools not speaking loud enough?

Should school leaders and those in government and those who represent teachers be making their voices heard more when it comes to the funding crisis that is crippling education in this country? Here’s one voice: “Please listen to us: it’s going to have dire consequences. Everything we do in this schools is to improve life chances of children, and they are very dear to me and that’s why I do my job, and I feel the choices I’m being forced to make will have a detrimental impact on my children and that’s unfair.”
“I’m here to do a job for our children and for our families and I’m being restricted.”

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