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Teacher recruitment; making good progress?

The words ‘teacher recruitment crisis’ and ‘funding pressures’ have felt over the last five years like they are the only headlines that are associated with the Education Profession. So with the recent schools funding announcement from the Chancellor and the Education Secretary – should schools have cause for excitement or cause for concern? The UK has more than twice the proportion of teachers aged under 30 than other developed countries, and pay is below the international average at all comparable levels of education.

Planning for recruitment.

For teachers looking for jobs, with everything in one place, they won’t have to update multiple recruitment agencies or job boards. They feel more valued and part of the team, as they will be employed directly by the school. Schools are more likely to turn temporary positions into permanent ones if they don’t have to pay fees. PlanStaffNow is a simple to use online platform that allows schools and education staff to connect with each other in a direct, cost-effective and transparent way. ‘As the new supply teacher framework demonstrates, the DfE recognises the role that recruitment consultancies play in accessing talent – and it’s about time that all individual school leaders do the same. Statements like “agencies are draining public money” just aren’t helpful.’

Can we learn from other countries on how to solve the current recruitment and retention crisis?

Nick Gibb, minister of state for school standards has recently spoke about a package of support – together with Ofsted and the Association of School and College Leaders – to help schools with teacher recruitment and retention.
 It includes giving teachers more time to learn from and share our successes with the world, particularly with other Commonwealth countries.
Could this work?

Solving teacher recruitment requires a broad, flexible and planned approach.

Many schools only think about recruitment when vacancies occur, but this approach can often cost more money, time and effort. As schools face rising costs and shrinking budgets, planning well into the future may be the solution to managing some of these challenges. 

Instigating a system of “planned recruitment”, by forecasting likely staff turnover, along with possible changes to the curriculum, can help schools better understand the likelihood of needing to recruit for certain roles. Proactive recruiting is the key.

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